3 Down 1 to Go

Actually, 3rd semester ended in January but life has been kind of wild which is why I haven’t posted about it yet. Third semester consisted of spending long hours in a pottery studio and just meditating through practice. It was a wonderful outlet of relaxation from this hectic year. Pottery class made me want to buy a kiln and wheel and start working at home! But we all know how irrational that is…  or is it?? Also, it felt that as soon as the semester ended, I was just starting really getting the hang of throwing. Maybe in the future, I’ll take another course in pottery, who knows!

Here are some photos from my time in the studio!

 – C


2 Down 2 To Go

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWoah — two semesters done. Time feels like it’s speeding by me on the highway going 115 mph. I feel relieved yet, at the same time, very stressed. Hah! What else is new? It feels good to have this semester under my belt. It was really jam-packed and it sort of feels like if I got through this, I can get through anything. Spring semester though… that’s a whole different species of beasts. I will be student-teaching for 6 weeks at an elementary school and for 6 weeks at a high school. This means that I’ll be acting as teacher in another teacher’s class while that teacher watches.  It may not sound weird to you but it’s kind of a bizarre dynamic. Nonetheless, I have faith in myself that I will absolutely rock the hell out of it. It might me awkward and embarrassing at first, but as God is my witness — I will educate the arts into those children so damn well they won’t know what hit ’em!

Something I’m really looking forward to though is wintersession semester. It’s a month long intensive semester during which I’ll be taking two studio courses. One of which is going to be a design workshop based on toy-making and we’re even going to get to visit a toy factory (super frickin cool! can’t wait omg!). The second will be pottery!!! I can’t even contain my excitement for this studio. I have seriously ALWAYS wanted to learn ceramic arts and I can’t believe my good fortune that I finally will at RISD of all places! I have two weeks of “vacation” before wintersession, but honestly, I just can’t wait for it to start.

Oh, and I recently turned 25. So, cheers to that!



A Big If.

If I had a pet, I’d be a better artist.

If I had more time, I’d be a better artist.

If I lived in a cooler place, I’d be a better artist.

If I lived in warmer weather, I’d be a better artist.

If I lived on my own, I’d be a better artist.

If I had an actual studio space, I’d be a better artist.

If I had a big studio space, I’d be a better artist.

If I had a studio space with big windows, I’d be a better artist.

If I wasn’t always thinking about other people, I’d be a better artist.

If I made more art, I’d be a better artist.

If I wasn’t so busy, I’d be a better artist.

If I didn’t make so many excuses, I’d be a better artist.

1 Semester Down, 3 to Go!

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My first semester ended about a week ago, and now I’m on break. Just a two-week break though before the madness starts again. But I’m already missing being on campus and I definitely can’t wait to get back. This first semester was an amazing beginning to grad school. I had two six-week courses, one of which was split in half and taught by two professors. The first half, we learned about designing 3D chairs and all the research that goes into creating something for a specific client. The second half was all about design documentation and really focused on graphic design. Getting to experience two perspectives of design was refreshing and inspiring. I got to experience the city and other parts of Rhode Island as well.

My other course was all about child development which was SUPER interesting. We overlook so many important aspects of children and I felt very fortunate to be receiving a well-rounded education about such a critical topic. Not to mention.. my professor is one AMAZING, inspiring, motivational woman.

So now I’m on break trying to enjoy what little summer I got this year. Nonetheless, my cohort was still assigned some work over the break. So, that’s been kind of stressful because, of course, I want to create exceptional work. The assignment is centered around identity through art. It’s gotten me to really think about who I am and what aspects of myself I cosnider my identity. More importantly, how do I translate that through artwork without spelling out what I’m trying to convey?

Lots to think about.


Couple’s Therapy


I have spurts of weeks where I binge on art-making, then out of nowhere… nothing. I neglect my studio and forget my purpose. I don’t know why I can’t stay consistent. Honestly, if I did, I’m positive my body of work would grow in depth and meaning. Maybe I’m scared that I won’t be able to find any meaning in what I’m doing. I always say things to myself like “ok, Tuesday I’m working until 6 PM… I can get a bit of painting done when I get home!” But when 6 PM comes, so do the excuses. And I give in SO EASILY! I mean, guys, how can I love something so much and still not give it any attention? What kind of sick twisted relationship is this? Basically, painting is my needy girlfriend and I am the asshole boyfriend off galavanting with temptresses. I just want to be faithful full time to the process so that, together, we can make something extraordinary. Something that gives life. Something that gives beauty.

Art and I need couple’s therapy.